About Fralock

Established in 1967, Fralock, contract manufacturing company, has a reputation for delivering quality to its customers. Fralock has earned the distinction of being a 3M Preferred Converter and Dupont® World Wide Licensee of Cirlex®. Our 60,000 square foot facility offers the benefit of a consolidated workplace that includes engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, and corporate offices, all under one roof. As a global supplier of thin films, foams, foils, and adhesive technologies, Fralock is positioned to meet our customers’ custom manufacturing needs around the world.

With over 150 employees, Fralock provides converting, prototype manufacturing, and automated placement services using ISO 9001, AS9100 and ISO 13485 Registered Quality Management system. Fralock combines, converts, and manufactures composite materials through contractual relationships with approved national and multinational suppliers.

Fralock’s management team, lead by Chief Executive Officer Scott Tucker, sees to it that our customers get value-added solutions from concept to completion. Fralock is a can-do company.

Fralock operates from its Valencia, California campus under the direction of Chief Operations Officer Marcelo Noroña.