Adhesive Technologies

Selecting the proper adhesive technologies for any application must include consideration of the substrate surface characteristics and the application performance requirements.  Fralock is an industry leader in providing adhesive technologies solutions utilizing over thirty years of experience in providing solutions with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs), hot melts, B-Stage, and some liquid adhesives as well.

Adhesive technology has made advancements over the past decades and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have become accepted in many applications over liquid adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Fralock has been incorporating pressure sensitive adhesive technology in a variety of products and applications including printer cartridges, hard disks, computers/peripherals, medical devices and equipment, and countless others.

Pressure sensitive adhesive systems come in a variety of types and configurations. Specialty products included low gassing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive’s, optically clear, differential, high-temperature adhesives, and adhesive coating technologies.  All of these products can be laminated and die-cut.

In preparation for discussing your adhesive bonding needs consider the following questions:

1. What is being bonded (plastic, foam, LSE, and to what)

2. What are the environmental conditions that the product will see

3. What is the application

a. Example: Is it a permanent application, say, for the life of product

b. Example: Is it a temporary application, say, for in processing hold

4. How will the material or part be applied (by hand or automation)

5. Will the part need to be die-cut

6. Estimated annual volumes

Selecting the right material combination for your application is what we do!

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