DC to DC Filters


Application: Dielectric shielding of DC to DC filters for both active and passive filtering to achieve greater than 40 dB of noise attenuation from 60 Hz to 1 Mhz.

DuPontTM CIRLEX® laminated to aluminum on two sides was used in this application to provide a three-fold solution for the customer:

Portable X-ray Unit

Application: Dielectric shielding for Remote, Compact Radiographic and Fluoroscopic System designed for use in space constrained offices and field diagnostics that is capable of meeting a wide variety of digital record and fluoroscopy exam needs.

CIRLEX® is used as a main dielectric shielding component in the new units to allow for highly dense and powerful components to be in close vicinity. The excellent thermal, dielectric and dimensional properties of CIRLEX® make this possible.

All-Polyimide Flexible Heater

Application: All-Polyimide heaters are being sought for their high performance in demanding applications. Their main qualities are:


Flexible Board to Board Connector


Flex-to-Board Connectors, BGA & LGA Sockets

Solder Pad Stencils

Flex Circuit Stiffeners

Electrical Insulators

Fiber Optic Laser Guides

Stand-offs and Spacers

Fine Line and Rigid Flex Circuits

High Temperature, Flexible and Rigid-Flex Heaters

Extreme Environment Antennas

High Amperage Power Bus

Electromagnetic Wafer Chucks