Electrical Insulation

Aerospace Electrical Insulation

Cost versus performance is an important factor in material selection for any application and this is certainly true of electrical insulation.  Fralock, as an industrial manufacturing company, stocks a wide variety of materials to meet your high performance material needs and price point.  We can also produce specialty composite materials and laminations to satisfy your specific application.

Fralock has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective, manufacturing and engineered materials solutions to meet their most demanding applications.  Our objective is simple, continuously exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with highest performance electrical insulation components.

Our technically-oriented engineers enable us to consistently meet all of your blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements.  As electrical insulation suppliers, we manufacture custom electrical insulators by die cutting, water jet cutting, and laser cutting, to name a few.  We also provide numerous secondary operations including scoring, creasing, bending, folding, embossing, ink stamping, and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing to meet your custom manufacturing requirements.  We offer high performance insulating films that meet flame and chemical resistant, UL approved standards.

Fralock works with world class suppliers and maintains a full line of electrical insulation materials. We fabricate electrical insulators, such as; gaskets, seals, washers, strips, and custom designed intricate shapes.  Electrical insulation materials are available in a broad range of thicknesses, hardness, densities and colors. Most insulating materials are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

Our materials include the following:

DuPontTM Cirlex®
DuPontTM Kapton®

Choosing the Proper Electrical Insulating Material for Mission Critical Applications – White Paper

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