Gasketing Manufacturing & Sealing

Aerospace Gasket Manufacturers

Gaskets and seals are required in many applications. When working on your engineering project, you often find that your ideal seal or gasket is not in the market. Our custom manufacturing products are the solution for you. We will create the part to fit your design and specifications.

Identifying the correct gasketing material for your application is critical for success. We have over 50 years of experience as a custom gasket manufacturer.  Our engineering staff is dedicated to providing you with the ideal solution.

Several things will be considered.

Asking the right questions at the start of your project, will prevent you from having an inexpensive part fail and cause major expenses.

Fralock’s custom gasket manufacturing offers a complete variety of gaskets and seals for environmental and EMI/RFI shielding. Examples include door seals on a relay base station, connector gaskets in the electronics market, dust seals in automotive electronic connectors, and high temperature / high pressure seals in an automotive air bag detonator.

Fralock works with world-class suppliers offering different gasket materials, encompassing a wide range of performance capabilities, price points and intended uses.

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