Expanded Metal Screens


Expanded metal screens are versatile, effective materials for shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are electrically continuous and, unlike knit or woven meshes, exhibit consistent and predictable conductivity.  Thin, strong, flexible and lightweight, expanded metal screens will not fray or unravel, and conform readily to complex surfaces, making them well suited to composite manufacturing processes.

Their excellent formability makes them well suited to integration in fiber-reinforced composite materials with complex shapes.  Fralock can produce expanded metal screens with the geometry, mechanical characteristics, and EMI shielding effectiveness for your application.

A composite material of metal sheeting impregnated with an elastomer to yield a highly conductive, yet resilient, gasketing material for EMI shielding and RFI shielding as well as a pressure and environmental seal.  Fralocks, custom manufacturing, has a unique fabrication process allows for unmatched consistency in quality and performance.  Available without elastomer filler for use in applications where an environmental seal is not necessary, or for use in applications as a low performance RF air filter.

Our understanding of the factors involved in the standard EMI shielding problems empowers us to offer the direct electronic designers with the most effective solution for any set of application requirements.

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Designed for those specific applications where joint unevenness does not exceed .004 inches and/or where space restrictions occur.  Conductivity is achieved on contact due to the protruding contact points, which lends to its use in nearly all types flat connectors.

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