Formable Gaskets


Our formable gaskets materials are designed for use in automated dispensing systems used to create gaskets directly onto electronic housings.

Both silver-plated copper (8X6), and silver-plated aluminum (8X5), versions are available for applications requiring high conductivity, while the nickel-coated graphite (8X2) version is available for applications requiring less conductivity with better galvanic compatibility to the mating surfaces from exposure to the environment.

Conductive bead diameters as small as 0.025″ can be precisely dispensed with as little as 20 psi of dispensing pressure. Material remains flexible after cure, providing an excellent dust, moisture, and RF seal.

Cure times vary depending on housing substrate and adhesion requirements. May be used on aluminum and zinc metals as well as plastics with conductive coatings.

Conductive elastomers are reliable over the life of the equipment. The same gasket is both an EMI shield and an environmental seal. Elastomer gaskets resist compression set, accommodate low closure force, and help control airfow.

Silicone rubber provides the maximum in reliability – whether exposed to adverse environmental conditions, stored for indefinite periods, or used under normal conditions.   Resisting conditions which normally cause rubber to deteriorate, silicone rubber offers a useful life which is unmatched by other known elastomers.  It resists temperature extremes, ozone, corona, radiation, moisture, compression set, weathering, and chemical attack.

Fralock offers these materials for sale to those who have the available equipment, or we can quote the complete assembly to your requirements. The ability to precisely place the formable gaskets only where required and eliminate costly assembly time, to design with limited gasket size, combined with low start-up cost in comparison with molded seals, allows for its use in both high- and low-volume electronic applications.

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Formable Gaskets



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