Wire Mesh Over Elastomer

Wire Mesh Over Elastomer

Wire mesh over elastomer is a double layer of wire mesh knitted over a round or rectangular core of elastomer. The mesh layers provide EMI shielding and RFI shielding, while the elastomer acts as a dust and moisture seal. The standard mesh material is monel or tin-plated copper clad steel (SnCuFe).

Wire mesh over elastomer applications

Mesh over elastomer combinations is used with doors, cabinets, and where surfaces may be uneven and low closure forces exist. For the many applications that require “cut-to-length” pieces that must be terminated with adhesive to stop the fraying of the knitted mesh, Fralock has devised a “co-extrusion” method of manufacturing silicone knit-overs, which results in a “self-terminating” material supplied in continuous lengths for use in a production line. Our new “self-terminating” material can be specified by replacing the “0” in the fifth digit of our part number with “1” (silicone cores only).

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Wire mesh

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