Technical Data Sheet

T-188 is pressure-sensitive DuPontTM KAPTON® film tape. The T-188 series consists of DuPont’s KAPTON® Film coated with a high-strength, high-temperature, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive protected with a treated, easy-release paper liner.


Available Kapton Backings:   1, 2, 3, & 5 mil thicknesses

Adhesive:   2.0 mil, high temperature acrylic, solvent resistant.   Available on one or both sides of the Kapton

Liner:    3.7 mil treated paper (densified kraft)

Standard Put-up:Rolls:   All thicknesses are available in slit to width tapes up to 18” wide and wound onto3” diameter cores

Sheets:    All thicknesses are available in cut to size sheets up to 18” x 36”

Die-Cut Parts:    Die-cut parts are readily available to customer specifications

Properties and Performance

Adhesive Test Data

Peel Adhesion (ASTM D-3330 Mod./90° )    Oz/Inch           (N/100mm)

Initial to S.S.(20 min. @RT)                    53                       58

Initial to ABS Plastic .(20 min. @RT)    44                    48

Holding Power (PSTC 7 Mod./178°)

4.4 psi (1/2x1x100g) @ RT                             >200 hours

Heat Resistance (PSTC 7 Mod./ 178°)

1.1 psi (1x1x500g) @158°F (70°C)                 >200 hours

Service Temperature Range                            -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C)

Kapton HN test data available on request

Product Benefits

High-temperature acrylic adhesive system (300°F)

Excellent resistance to inorganic solutions, mild acids & alkalis, petroleum based oils and other solvents containing

Xylol, MEK, & Toluol

Good long-term aging characteristics

Lay-flat release liner to aid in die-cutting

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