Technical Data Sheet

Pressure Sensitive Mylar Tape

T-203 is pressure-sensitive MylarTM (Polyester) film tape. The T-203 series of pressure sensitive adhesive tape consists of general purpose electrical grade Mylar film coated with a high-strength, acrylic, and pressure sensitive adhesive and protected with a treated, easy-release paper liner.


Available backings: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 14 mil thick.

Adhesive:2.0 mil, acrylic type synthetic, solvent-resistant, pressure-sensitive.

The adhesive coating is available on one or both sides of the Mylar film.

Release Liner: 4.0 mil treated paper offering ease of release and removal.

Standard Put-up

Roll Form: All thicknesses are available in slit to width rolls up to 18”wide.

Sheets: All thicknesses available in cut to size sheets, 18” x desired length.

Die-Cut Parts: Die-Cut parts are readily available to customer specifications.


Low Out gassing, High Adhesion Strength, and excellent chemical resistance.

Resists inorganic solutions, mild acids, and alkalis, petroleum based oils, greases, gasoline, kerosene, JP-4 jet fuel, and other fuels containing xylol and toluol.

Superior common solvent resistance.

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