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Aerospace tape is used in construction, assembly, maintenance, and repair in the aerospace industry. They are primarily used for masking, wire wrapping, insulating, vibration dampening, and protecting surfaces. Tapes are either single or double sided and permanent or removable.


  • A range of materials make aerospace tapes suitable for different environments and applications. Polyimide tape is very strong and heat resistant. It is used to bond silicone and other difficult surfaces. Polyurethane tapes are extremely durable and are used to protect surfaces.
  • Aluminum foil tapes are used to damp vibration and mask surfaces during paint stripping.
  • Glass cloth aerospace tape is extremely flame retardant, solvent resistant, and used to protect heat-sensitive devices in areas exposed to high temperatures.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive tape, VHB joining systems, PSA transfer adhesives,
  • Bumpon materials, hook and loop, tubing, sleeving, adhesive technologies, and Emtech label stock.
  • Electrical, electronic and industrial pressure sensitive tapes.
  • Specialty Silicone, acrylic and rubber pressure sensitive tape.
  • Silicone foam and rubber, pressure sensitive tape, PTFE impregnated glass cloth, skived PTFE and Phase –Change thermal management materials.
  • Double coated, pressure sensitive adhesive transfer tape and label stock.

Specialty tapes and materials designed with your specific application in mind. Mix and match any material we carry or your superior material.

Aerospace Tapes

  • Low Outgassing Tapes and Adhesives
  • DuPontTM Kapton Tapes – MT thermally conductive, XC static dissipative, RS resistive, B black, CR corona resistant, HPP-ST thermally stable, and many others
  • PTFE & FEP (Teflon)
  • Metalized Tapes
  • Mylar Tapes
  • Glass Cloth Tapes & Fabrics
  • Electrically Conductive Tapes
  • EMI/RFI Shielding Tapes
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Tapes
  • High Temperature Adhesive Systems
  • Foil Tapes
  • Thermal Barrier Tapes
  • Multi-Layer Laminates

We Offer . . .

Specialty Tapes Made for Custom Applications
Special Packaging for Clean Rooms and High Bays
All products available slit to width or custom cut to size and shape

Speciality Space Tape Brochure – PDF

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Speciality Space Tape Brochure – PDF