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Thermal Interface tapes, pads, and epoxies provide high thermal conductivity by focusing on the two areas that matter most: bulk conductivity and interface conductivity. They address a crucial problem with today’s low-power electronic devices – the need to dissipate the sizable amounts of heat being generated.

The thermal resistance that arises when two dissimilar materials make contact – no matter how perfect that contact may be – is called the “true” thermal interface resistance. In addition, every real surface, however smooth-appearing, exhibits some degree of non-flatness, whether on a macro-scale (run-out, concavity, convexity) or at a microscopic level (surface roughness). Air entrapped in these irregular surface features will inevitably contribute to an increase in thermal resistance at the interface. The combined effects of true interface resistance, incomplete wet-out, and surface roughness are commonly grouped together under the term “thermal interface resistance.”

Thermal interface resistance (or – impedance) can be reduced by employing an interface material that is capable of establishing intimate contact with the substrates, i.e., one that is highly conformable and displaces as much air as possible upon contact.

The thermally conductive adhesive transfer tapes provide efficient thermal transfer for a wide range of applications including bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders, IC packages, power transistors, and more. These tapes combine 3M high-performance acrylic adhesive with highly conductive ceramic particles for an extremely reliable and user-friendly thermal interface. They also offer a highly conformable construction that provides excellent wet-out on surfaces.

The thermally conductive interface pads provide high levels of conductivity for the most demanding electronics applications. They also provide excellent handling and can be die-cut to fit most applications.
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3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes

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