Hydrocolloid Adhesive System


Though hydrocolloids have been in use as a medical adhesive in wound care products for more than 20 years, today’s technologies are finding more and more uses. A hydrocolloid dressing is opaque, non-breathable and adheres to the skin; however, an over-wrap may be required.

The active surface of the dressing is coated with a cross-linked adhesive mass containing a dispersion of rubber-based adhesive, gelatin, pectin, and carboxyl-methylcellulose together with other polymers and additives, forming a flexible wafer. The gel which is formed as a result of the absorption of wound exudate is not subject to phase break-down. Phase breakdown can occur in some hydrocolloids and the mass loses integrity and can appear as a wound infection.

Hydrocolloid dressings used in advanced wound care supplies can be die-cut to your specifications in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.  We can also provide adhesives, foams, and liners necessary to meet unique wound care product application requirements.

Applications Include:

Wounds, burns

Pressure ulcers

Diabetic ulcers

Skin tears

Island placement of hydrocolloids with moisture vapor permeable films, foams, non-wovens, and release liners

Custom pouching and secondary packaging of hydrocolloid dressings for sterilization

Wound exudate control

IV and catheter placement and secondary dressings

Acute and chronic wound care

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