Medical Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes

Fralock’sTM high-performance wound care supplies and medical foams are custom-fabricated to provide superior versatility, durability, and flexibility for an exceptional range of medical applications.

As one of the leading medical device manufacturers and medical foam fabricator, we provide a diverse range of custom medical foam products and solutions for our valued OEM partners in the medical sector.

Foam offers soft, cushioning, yet conformable alternative to film and nonwoven tapes. Being of thicker caliper, foam tapes allow for easy attachment of wound care products to flanges or skin.

PVC- Polyvinyl chloride foams are very soft and conformable to body contours. PVC foams afford a degree of breath-ability that more closed cell foams such as cross-linked PE foams do not possess.

Polyethylene- The most common foams used in skin applications are the cross-linked PE foams.  These foams can also have EVA added for softness and increasing the coefficient of friction of the product. Polyethylene foams are impervious to fluids and do not breathe.

Polyurethane- there are two basic types of polyurethane foams used in medical applications. Densities and the number of pores/inch (PPI) can vary depending on the grade used.

Polyether- Polyether polyurethane foams are usually softer than polyester PU foams. To make polyether foams more breathable they go through a “zapping process” or mini-explosion in a closed chamber, to remove the windows in the cell structure of the foam. This makes the product more breathable.

Polyester- Polyester PU foams are somewhat rougher that quenched foams and not as soft as polyethers. Polyester foams are capable of either being zapped to open the cell structure or the foam can be quenched. This is a chemical process that eats away the windows in the cells to form open cells. PU foams can be incorporated with super absorbent polymer (SAP) for increased absorption of fluid management.

Neoprene- Neoprene rubber foams are impervious to water and are often used as pads and gaskets in medical devices.

Single-sided foams – Single coated foams are often used to secure catheters, produce electrodes and grounding pads, as well as other applications.

Double-faced – Double-coated foams are used in laminations of various medical components.

Fralock offers a range of medical foam materials to suit a wide variety of applications:

Excellent skin adhesion; high tack or low tack available depending on end-use. Lower peel adhesion products are often used on infants and geriatric patients to prevent skin trauma upon remove of device.

Soft and comfortable to wear

Excellent water resistance

Nonirritating, non-sensitizing adhesive -Medical products; for long term attachment of medical devices to skin

Male incontinence catheter attachment

Skin applications for foams include:

General securement of tubing and devices


Grounding pads

Reticulated PU foams can provides base of anchorage for hydrocolloids, silicone gels and hydrogels.

Pressure dressings

Transdermal applications

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