Custom Manufacturing Fralock

FRALOCK, custom manufacturing services, manufacturers and converts thin, flexible materials and custom laminates while serving the needs of key markets segments. We are an ISO 9001, AS9100 and ISO13485 registered manufacturing company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, product realization and automated placement systems for the most demanding requirements.

Fralock develops and produces special purpose polymer, foil and adhesive based products and components for technically advanced OEM’s. Our customers use us for our broad custom manufacturing capabilities and our ability to develop and deliver engineered solutions.

Adhesives & Bonding Systems
Electrical Insulation
Component Design-Material Expertise
EMI / RFI Shielding
Foams, Rubber & Elastomers
Gasketing & Sealing
High Performance Materials
Harsh Environment
Shock & Vibration
Single & Multi Layer Adhesiveless Polyimide Laminates
Polyimide Laminates
Thermally Conductive Materials

CAD Automated Cutting Services
Clean Room Processing
Custom Adhesive Formulation
CNC Machining
Die Cutting- Rotary/Steel Rule
Laser Cutting & Ablation
Multi Layer Laminates
Zone Coating (PSA)