Lamination is used widely in custom manufacturing of customized parts used in the Electronics, Medical, Aerospace and Military industries.  If your application requires a custom lamination of adhesives and substrates, Fralock offers complex precision laminating and converting services.

Fralock uses customer prints or CAD files to create instructions for our laminator operators.   Just send over the file, and Fralock will fabricate your request.   Alternatively, customers may provide the part requiring insulation – as a sample, drawing, or CAD model – and Fralock can design the insulation required.   Fralock will work with you to determine the optimal insulation and laminates required for your application.

Lamination equipment applies adhesive films onto a wide variety of substrates. Our application engineers extend our capabilities to meet your exact requirements. When applying combined multiple materials together, the laminating increases functionality.

Fralock carries a large inventory of composite materials from leading manufacturers to support numerous applications and we will source nonstandard materials for your applications.  Fralock works with world-class material manufacturers to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used for our manufactured applications.

We service our manufacturing customers by designing and converting mission-critical flexible materials and high precision materials including polyimide laminates that reduce cost and improve performance.

Custom lamination

  • Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Roll to Roll Nip Lamination
  • 72” Width Capacity
  • Web Cleaning
  • Corona Treating

For additional information about us or to begin discussions on your project, click our Quick Link, or call 1-800-FRALOCK (372-5625)

Custom Lamination


For additional information about us or to begin discussions on your project, click our Quote Request, or call 1-800-FRALOCK (372-5625)