Industrial Manufacturing Company

For over 45 years, Fralock has provided its FTK™ (Fralock Technical Knowledge) on a wide variety of application needs.  As a leading industrial manufacturing company, with our expertise in both composite material selection and custom manufacturing /converting processes, we are able to provide cost effective solutions that work. Whether you are solving new problems on new designs or tackling an existing manufacturing issue, Fralock is interested in helping.

Fralock is an industrial manufacturing company focusing on custom fabricated parts that are used today in thousands of applications from cell phones, hand held electronics, solar panels, medical devices, satellites and deep space, and many more.

Our custom precision fabricated components can save you time and money, while improving the quality and performance of your product.

As an industry leader providing industrial manufacturing services in converting and fabrication, we remain on the cutting edge of what is new in terms of innovative products and processes. Our engineering teams continuously strive to innovate new ways to create products that meet each customers exacting specifications, offering a vast assortment of materials from world-class manufacturers. Fralock’s versatility and capabilities enable us to provide you with the highest quality part for your specific applications.  On time and on budget, every time.

Our commitment to our customers in finding a quick and cost effective solution with superior service and unsurpassed quality is unmatched in the industry.

We offer the following applications:

Adhesive bonding
Insulating and Shielding
Specialty Applications
Surface Protecting & Masking
Enclosure Gaskets, Shims & Seals
Die Cut Adhesives
Medical Components
Thermal Management Products
Electrical Conductors & Insulators
Harsh Environment
Custom Adhesive Solutions

Our knowledgeable and experienced application engineers will work with you from design to production.   Custom precision fabricated components are our expertise.

The application links below represent some of the more popular areas we specialize in, but there are many, many more.