Shims and Spacers Protect Spacecraft & Components

Shims and Spacers Protect Spacecraft & Components

When a spacecraft’s infrared camera has to be shielded from motor heat and vibration that would obscure its images, or its components need to be protected from the vibration of its thrusters, Fralock’s DuPontTM Cirlex® polyimide shims are there to do the job.

There are few qualities more important to the aerospace industry than ruggedness and compactness, and Cirlex® cannot be beat for all-around strength in application.  As the worldwide licensee of Cirlex® from DuPont, we manufacture the material using our Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT) to bond layers of DuPontTM Kapton® together to reach any thickness from 0.006” up to 0.125”.   Thicker material may be available upon request.

In aerospace applications, Cirlex® is often used to make shims and spacers which isolate components and fill gaps as needed. And, Cirlex’s® electrical and thermal properties make it an ideal spacer or shim.  While other thick polyimide come in a limited number of sizes and have to be machined down to the desired thickness, we manufacture Cirlex® precisely to customer specification. This precision, together with the physical and mechanical stability that makes it ideal for machining, allows for maximum design flexibility and the most economical use of material.

Cirlex® experiences little thermal expansion and remains stable at temperatures from  -269°C  to +351°C (-452°F to +664°F)  a far greater range than non-polyimide insulators.  It is also an excellent electrical insulator for high-voltage applications, and retains those properties over the stated temperature range.  At a thickness of just 0.009” and temperatures of +400°F, Cirlex® can withstand 32,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and 25,000 volts.

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