Harsh Environment

Engineered Materials Solutions

Fralock, industrial manufacturing company, develops, manufactures, and markets specialty components, which withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals, industrial manufacturing processes, and other “hostile environments.” Through continued research, new product development and innovative manufacturing, we provide engineered materials solutions that are the highest quality, cost-effective technical solutions, assistance, and training for our customers worldwide.

Fralock’s product offering in this arena ranges from components such as switches, sensors, and mirrors to materials like polymers, coatings, and composite materials.

This environment induces high dynamic pressure, high temperature, and high heat flow loads particularly upon the leading edge surfaces. These loads typically require special advanced engineered materials, active cooling, or both for the structures to survive the environment.

Fralock brings new Adhesiveless Polyimide laminate technology to the arena where harsh environments will challenge the performance of your mission critical part.? With greater design freedom and fewer limitations, we can reduce space and weight and streamline designs.

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