Flexible Solar Array Back Panels and Grounding Straps

While we supply flat cables for use in rigid solar array back panels, Fralock also produces custom-designed flexible polyimide grounding straps. With flexible solar cells now nearly as efficient as traditional ones, more and more aerospace companies are opting for panels that can be rolled or folded to save precious space on launch vehicles and then deployed in orbit.

With all the strength, weight and electrostatic dissipative advantages of our cables and heaters, our back panels can also have the conductive traces embedded directly into them, the solar cells may then be bonded directly to the panels.   With flexible solar cells technology replacing current rigid cells, our flexible panel systems are the best / exact system to use for this technology.

The same clients that use our flat cables for solar power collection in space, including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other major aerospace OEM’s and contractors, also tend to request them for grounding straps. All of a satellite’s components must be grounded to the craft’s body to protect against electrostatic surges. This is usually accomplished with a heavy cable. Our flat grounding straps offer a lighter, more convenient alternative. They can even be folded to follow the craft’s contours, running across its surface from component to body, which is convenient for packaging.

With all the advantages our Adhesiveless All-polyimide  lamination technology offers for applications that demand extreme durability and effectiveness at minimal proportions, we’re not surprised it’s taking off as a solution to many of the challenges posed by one of mankind’s boldest endeavors, space exploration.

Our flexible and Rigid Flexible PB meet IPC-6013D:Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards

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