Semiconductor for the Aerospace Market

Fralocks custom manufacturing, develops and manufacturers  precision heaters, E-chuck assemblies, heater assemblies, polymer, foil and adhesive technology based products for critical semiconductor applications.  Our reputation for providing superior quality components and sub-assemblies has been key to our successful–long term–relationships.  With over 20 years of industry experience, Semiconductor customers have come to rely upon Fralock as a valued partner.

OEM’s are increasingly focused upon integration while retaining strategic capabilities.  And, they know it’s not capital efficient to be expert in all sub-fields.  As an extension of our customers engineering department(s), Fralock offers its expertise in developing engineered materials solutions to answer the call for innovation, improved manufacturability and maintaining a competitive edge.

Fralock’s Precision Heaters provide:

  • Very low out-gassing
  • Excellent heat transfer to the heat sink
  • Very even heat distribution
  • Integrated sensors and flex circuits


  • Precision Heaters (High wattage, Rapid Response)
  • E-chuck assemblies
  • High Pressure Sealing Rings (Large Diameter)
  • Thermal Interface / Management
  • Probing Stations
  • IC Test Equipment
  • Heater Assemblies


precision heaters

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