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Career Technologies USA is a subsidiary of Fralock and provides solutions to broaden the scope of both companies.

A vertically integrated manufacturer of Flex and Rigid-Flex manufacturing solutions, Career Technologies provides high-quality custom flex and rigid-flex circuit fabrication and electronic assemblies.

We offer engineer-driven value added solutions in support of bare board and assembly offerings:             

  • Flex/Rigid-Flex Manufacturing 
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Conformal Coating, Underfill, Potting
  • Advanced Milling & Routing capabilities
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Thermoformed Custom Tray Solutions 

Flex/Rigid-Flex Fabrication Capabilities

Career Technologies delivers a wide variety of projects with extensive manufacturing capabilities: 

  • Trace / Space 37um (1.5 mil)
  • Micro / Vias Min 50u (2 mil)
  • Blind/Buried Vias (2mil)
  • Laser- Precision Drilling / Excising<50um (2mil)
  • Layer Count Capability 1-10+
  • Unsupported Traces / Cantilever Leads
  • Controlled Impedance Routing Capabilities
  • Liquid Soldermask Thickness 25um (1mil)
  • Photo Imageable Coverlay Min 25um (1mil)
  • RoHS & Non RoHS PCB/Flex Circuit Manufacturing
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Electrical Testing (Flying Probe, Function, and Hi-Pot)
  • Ability to Test for 10-15 Resistance Leakage



Electronics Assembly

We provide the following assembly processes for your Flex and Rigid-Flex requirements:

  • 3 SMT Lines
  • Real Time X-ray
  • Automated Solder Paste Printer
  • In-Line Cleaning
  • Wave Solder (Leaded & Lead Free)
  • Inline Circuit Testing
  • 3D AOI Automated Optical Inspection
  • Laser Selective Soldering Machine With Preheat Oven



Conformal Coating, Underfill, and Potting Solutions

Career technologies also offers protective coatings that are required in electronic circuit assemblies.

Conformal Coating – Applied to electronic circuit assemblies. Protects against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

Underfilling Encapsulation – protects in flip-chip packaging, reduces stress on solder bumps of chips, and protects against moisture, ionic contaminants, thermal vibration and shock.

Potting Materials – Protects the electronic assembly against vibration/shock, corrosion, and chemicals. Also provides electrical insulation, enhanced mechanical strength and heat dissipation.



Plastic Injection Molding (LCP & ABS plastics)

Our plastic injection molding services include prototype, low and mid-volume production.

  • Pantone Color Matching
  • Textured Finishes
  • Resin Selection



Thermoformed Custom Solutions

Career Technologies offers custom packaging solutions for medical and other industries that provide:

  • ESD Protection
  • Clamshell Design
  • Insert Trays Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Protection for Product Transportation
  • Medical Packaging
  • Custom Applications



Additive Aerosol Jet Printing

Aerosol Jet systems print fine-feature electronic, structural and biological patterns -such as 3D conformal sensors and antennas for medical, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) – on to almost any substrate. We provide:

  • Digital printing with no masks or stencils
  • Printed antennas, IoT, measurement applications
  • Printing on plastics, ceramics, and metallic substrates

No plating or etching is required. Feature sizes from 20+ microns.



Career Technologies Engineering Solutions

Our company is designed to support your specialized needs, and we offer personalized engineering services that include:

  • Design & Layout Services
  • Production & Manufacturing Support
  • DFM Assistance
  • Test (ICT, Electrical Test, Function Test, Boundary Scan)
  • Cross Section & Plating Verification


Surface Plating Finish Types

Coating the copper on your Flex/Rigid-Flex components is essential to protect it from oxidation and deterioration. We provide several types of surface finishes to fit your needs.

  • Selective Plating on Copper, Nickel and Gold
  • Soft Electrolytic Gold (Wire Bondable)
  • ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)
  • ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel/Electroless Palladium/Immersion Gold)
  • Hard Gold – Knoop 200+
  • Tin/Lead (No Fusing)
  • Immersion Tin
  • HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) and Lead-Free HASL

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