Fralock/Ceramic Tech, Inc.

Established in 1989, Ceramic Tech Inc. (CTI) is a manufacturer, fabricator and assembler of ceramic parts, offering pre-fired machining and quartz grinding services. The company has a earned reputation for fine quality products and workmanship.

CTS’s knowledge of materials and manufacturing enables them to provide options for customizing solutions that best fit the requirements of their customers.

They offer a suite of capabilities to produce high-quality ceramic materials.

Machining / Grinding

C Mills – 25″ x 60″
CNC Lathes – up to 30″ diameter
CNC Surface Grinders – 24″ x 60″
Rotary Grinders – up to 36″ diameter


Laser Machining – CO2 for quartz, alumina and silicon
Laser Engraving – CO2 and YAG for scribing all materials


Waterjet using up to 65,000 PSI


CMM – 25″ x 50″ with probe changer
Optical Comparator


Fully automated Crest cleanline


Alumina, quartz, silicon, silicon carbide, macor, aluminum nitride and others

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