Fralock/Oasis Materials

Founded in 2005, Oasis Materials manufactures high-performance ceramic heaters used in semiconductor, medical, and aerospace/defense applications. To manufacture its heaters, Oasis employs a multi-layer co-fired technology using Aluminum Nitride as its substrate and Tungsten as resistance traces.

Oasis Materials produces the highest performing aluminum nitride (AlN) heaters available in the market today. Our multi-layer technology allows for complex tungsten circuitry and integrated temperature sensing. Oasis can make a wide range of heater sizes and shapes with the help of our internal CNC machining capabilities.

  • High watt density – 2000W per square inch
  • Complex tungsten circuitry including multiple zones available
  • Integrated temperature sensing traces available
  • Tubular heaters available
  • Size ranges from a few millimeters to 15 inches

With a highly skilled engineering team, we work with customers to design and develop a solution that meets or exceeds expectations. 

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