Fralock Improves NASA’s Spacecraft Heating Capabilities

October 25, 2016
Fralock improves NASA's Spacecraft heating capabilities Goddard adds new specifications in response

Goddard adds new specification in response to company’s superior thermofoil heaters

Greenbelt, Md. (March 8, 2016) — NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has augmented its already topnotch toolbox by adding custom manufacturer Fralock’s all-polyimide thermofoil heaters to its Qualified Parts List Directory.

In February, following rigorous testing, the field center where the space agency builds and manages most of its satellites published a new specification based on the devices’ superior capabilities to previous alternatives, making Fralock’s the first and only of their kind to be pre-approved for Goddard’s space

Thermofoil heaters are flat strips or sheets consisting of a metallic heating element etched between two layers of polymer insulation. While adhesives that hold together many such devices break down at extreme temperatures or under radiation, Fralock’s proprietary Adhesiveless Laminate Technology bonds the outer polyimide layers to each other, essentially making them one. The heating element is fully encapsulated with no need for adhesives, hence the “all-polyimide” classification. With their etched metal tracings held firmly in place, the heaters can be folded or even crumpled with no damage.

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