Hydrogel Dressing

Hydrogel Dressing

The benefits of using hydrogel-based dressings for wound care include providing moisture to a dry lesion, as well as, fast acting to help cool down a wound providing temporary relief from pain for up to six hours.  Hydrogel dressings are conformable and can be fitted to different wound sizes and in hard-to-dress locations.

Hydrogel dressings provide “non-adhesion” to the wound or the tissue, making it a pain-free type of dressing for the patient. With the variety of options available in hydrogel dressings, small to large wounds can be easily managed by simply selecting the correct dressing and adhesive option.

There are a wide variety of dressings and medical adhesives in existence. This makes sense with all of the possible conditions that a person can experience. A burn, abrasion, cut, or other injury may require a particular type of dressing. Each dressing, depending on size, location, and other factors, needs to be held in place in a particular fashion in order to be effective.   Selecting the correct skin friendly adhesive is essential.

Our hydrogels utilize a patented, multi-layer technology, which provides the structural support for an optimal bond to the backing material and can allow for multiple applications to the skin. This multi-layer approach ensures a better-finished product with maximum durability, longevity, and performance.


Applications of Hydrogel Dressings

Performance indicators

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