Multi-Layered Composite Dressings/Multi-Layer Island Dressings

A multi-layer composite dressing/ island dressing are composed of a nonwoven dressing material such as an antimicrobial, absorptive foam, hydrogel, or hydrocolloid. This inner material contains a wound contacting non-absorbent, non-adhering porous polymeric film, which can be impregnated with a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent.

The second layer comprising a semipermeable continuous polymeric film joined to the first layer to form a sealed interior reservoir compartment. The absorbent material positioned within the interior reservoir compartment collects discharged exudate from a wound.  The exterior layer is bordered by a skin friendly medical grade adhesive.

Multi-layer composite dressings and multi-layer island dressing utilizing nonwovens have a therapeutic effect and aid the healing process, especially when used where wounds have high exudates. These types of wound dressing and the specific materials used are designed to maintain the correct moisture conditions around the wound.  The material is hygroscopic; it attracts and holds water without actual wetting of the wound.   Using nonwoven material results in the rapid uptake and retention of exudates from the wound. This is essential in creating an optimum environment for healing and preventing bacterial growth.

Multi-Layered Composite Dressings/Multi-Layer Island Dressings Applications:





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