Suture-less Dressing

Suture-less Dressing

Advances in Suture-less securement dressing and suture-less securement system are designed to deliver enhanced adhesion without sacrificing patient comfort and promote healing.   Innovative tissue repair devices address the clinical need for rapid, non-invasive and easy-to-use skin closure.

The purpose of these materials is to maintain wound closure until a wound is strong enough to withstand daily tensile forces and to enhance wound healing when the wound is most vulnerable. They can be closed by a variety of methods, so is the choice of wound closure materials.

The Suture-less dressing adhesive holds securely yet allows for gentle, alcohol-free removal.  The addition of visual cues and the ability to reposition upon initial application for optimal placement. The device utilizes a water-resistant soft-cloth material and can be perforated for additional breathability.  A preprinted tape strip helps users document dressing changes.

This technology provides uniform closure forces while minimizing scar-promoting tension along the wound.  Securement system can be worn up to seven days and was found to secure as well as or better than traditional suture techniques, yet removes gently and allows for improved patient mobility and comfort.

Fralock is an industry leader in developed of innovative medical applications.  Fralock is driven to create and connect core technology expertise- such as that in transparent films and adhesives-  to our customers applications and excels in our collaborations with world class medical materials suppliers to bring to market high-quality, reliable health care products.


Suture-less Securemen Target Applications



Pacemaker/ICD implant

Laparoscopic port

Orthopedic Excisional skin biopsy closure.

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