Fralock manufactures All Polyimide Flexible Circuits and Heaters and integrated products for a variety of commercial, military and industrial electronic applications. As an electronics manufacturing company, Fralock understands that the electronics industry is a constantly evolving industry that regularly push’s the boundaries for electronic performance.  These advances have translated into engineering challenges’ that defy conventional electronic performance, requiring greater performance and higher reliability for those critical parts in today’s market. Flexible Circuits and heaters began being widely used in military electronics, where space and weight limitations are critical. They offer rugged construction and reliable performance in harsh environments.  The lessons learned from these early applications have driven the need for smaller, lighter, and more flexible circuits and flexible heaters, while operating at optimal performance requirements.   All Polyimide Flexible Circuits and Heaters provide the optimal solution for high performance, densely packed electronics where space is a premium, and heating of components is critical.  All Polyimide Flexible Circuits and Heaters are used in a wide variety of electronic applications to assist in the performance of our customer’s products.

Electronics Applications:

Aerospace and aircraft equipment
Battery heaters to enhance battery performance
Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as laptop, ATM, LCD’s
Flat Panel Displays
General industrial and instrumentation applications limited only by the imagination of the design engineer
Graphic imaging equipment
Laboratory equipment
Security and surveillance cameras lens from fogging
Medical instrumentation and laboratory equipment
Ruggedized electronic and computer devices made to operate in extreme weather conditions
Test equipment
Thermal developing

Flexible Heaters

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