Fralock’s unparalleled understanding of thermal design of All Polyimide Flexible Circuits & Heater designs are utilized in many Industrial applications.   Flexible heaters are widely used in, electronic displays, laboratory equipment, test equipment, the semiconductor industry and cold weather operations in outdoor electronics.All of these applications have one thing in common heat is a critical factor.   A high level of available heat allows faster throughput. Reduction of temperature gradients across a heater means less variability.   A heating element that is less prone to failure cuts the risk of downtime. All these translate to productivity and profits.

Our flexible DuPontTM KAPTON® heaters provide the reliability, performance and efficiency demands required in today’s industrial market.

Fralock’s next generation technology assures you will achieve your application goals.


– Analytical Instruments, Precise temperature sensing and control
– Heating of Electronic Components- ATM’s and Photocopiers
– High-Speed Printer, Print head heating and flex circuit interconnects
– IC Test Handling Equipment, Factory mounted heaters
– Plasma Etch Systems, High wattage, fast warm-up heaters
– Probing Stations, Uniformly heated wafer chucks
– Telecommunications
– Battery heaters
– Computers
– Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as laptop, ATM, LCD’s
– Flat Panel Displays
– Graphic imaging equipment
– Laboratory equipment
– Photocopiers
– Printing equipment industry
– Semicon Vacuum
– Test equipment
– Thermal developing

***KAPTON® is a registered trademark of DUPONT

Flexible Heaters

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