All Polyimide Flexible Circuits and Heaters provide the thermal solutions medical OEM’s require.  The medical market is always evolving and improving, and one fact is becoming the standard, miniaturization.  Developing smaller, more flexible, and highly reliable devices is critical, to the OEM and the patient.

Fralock is an industry leader by providing our customers with the ability to offer initial concept to final design for some of the world’s largest providers of durable healthcare equipment.  We provide a wide variety of creative solutions that comply with stringent FDA / UL. Fralock provides custom manufacturing services  for a variety of medical needs.

Flexible circuits and flexible heaters can be found in a variety of medical devices and equipment including:

· A heater in post-surgery respiratory devices reliably warms and humidifies air, offering therapeutic value as well as improved patient comfort level.

· Analytical instrumentation

· Anesthesia delivery systems

· Biotechnology and clinical diagnostic equipment

· Blood warmers, transfusion equipment and contrast media heating

· Bloodless surgical procedures

· Floor standing analyzers.

· Heaters in IV fluid delivery system feature low mass and total surface coverage to meet the customer’s need for reliability and safety.

· Hemodialysis machines (renal or kidney dialysis)

· High-density flex circuits offer highly reliable interconnect circuitry between imaging modules rotating within MRI and PET/CT scanning devices.

· Infant warmers and incubators

· Infusion drug pumps

· Laboratory equipment, ovens, sterilization and material preparation equipment

· Patient care equipment

· Respiratory therapy devices

· Temperature controllers and heaters operate from low voltage DC to eliminate current leakage for added patient safety.

· Temperature sensor maintains IV fluids at a consistent 37°C for patient comfort and prevention of thermal shock.

· Thermal-ablation instruments

· Warming blankets

· Wound therapy systems

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