All Polyimide Laminates


All-polyimide laminates, are easy to fabricate into any size, shape, or design your application requires and is often used in the form of thin flexible flat cables, flexible circuits and flexible heaters.

Its outstanding material properties and high temperature resistance make both extremely low and high temperature applications possible (-269°C to +220°C) and has a Flammability Rating of UL® 94VO.   It is resistant to radiation, solvents and other corrosive materials, used as a film; it is flexible, strong and lightweight.


NASA outgassing requirements

Flammability requirements of UL94V-0

Laminated polyimide is used in the following industries.

Aerospace – Shims manufactured using laminated polyimide meet the special requirements for aerospace applications, such as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding, resistance to oil and gas fluids and harsh external environments.

Medical Component – Shims for electronic instrumentation using materials that provide EMI / RFI (Electromagnetic Interference /Radiofrequency Interference) shielding and strong, flexible seals.  Laminated polyimide can be cut to high tolerances for miniature and special-sized shims and gaskets.

Military& Defense – Shims to protect components in ground and vehicle-mounted electronics operated in harsh environments.  These shims must be thermally and electrically non-conductive and lightweight.