Medical Formex


Electrical InsulationFlame Retardant 94 V-0 Electrical Insulation and Barrier Materials “The Living Hinge Material”

Score and Fold to Fabricate Economical 3-dimensional Parts

Fold Repeatedly Without Cracking or Splitting

High Dielectric Breakdown Strength

UL 94 V-0 Flame Class; RoHS Compliant

Non-hygroscopic; Superior Chemical Resistance

ITW Formex® flame retardant materials provide superior electrical insulation and barrier
materials in industrial and consumer electronic equipment. The electrical insulating material
is available in rolls, sheets, and panels and can be easily fabricated into a wide range of shapes.

Easily Fabricated

No other flame retardant, electrical insulating materials can match the flexibility and performance of Formex™ for cost-effective fabricated parts. Formex™ has successfully replaced a variety of electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injected molded parts.

Parts fabricated from Formex™ are cost-effective replacements for injection molded or sheet metal parts used inside electrical equipment. In these applications, Formex™ parts not only are easier to use, they also reduce tooling and fabricating expenses and cut inventory and warehousing costs. See how Formex compares to fish paper and aramid paper.

Electrical Insulation

Thermal and Electrical Barrier

Functional Parts

Electrical Insulation & Barrier Materials

Flame Retardant 94 V-0 Electrical Insulation and Materials

Formex™ Electrical Insulating

ITW Formex® Electrical Insulating and Barrier Materials are used in a Wide Range of Applications:

Formex™ GK Electrical Insulation Material

Formex™ Electrical Insulation Material

Statex™ Static Dissipation Material

PEP Rigid Panel Material

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