Medical Self Terminating Knitted Yarn Over Foam


Fralock has recently added silvered self terminating knitted yarn over foam gasketing products to its line of EMI shielding and RFI shielding materials. This product combines the use of highly flexible silver-plated nylon yarn over a variety of foam cores to provide an economical, non-corrosive, highly effective, extremely low closure force, conductive shielding gasket.

Select foam cores are supplied with a specialized coating, fusing the knitted yarn outer layer, which provides for the materials self-terminating ends. Alternative foam cores can be supplied “cut-to-length” to customer specifications, and secondarily terminated. Standard Core configurations include rectangles, squares, and select “D” profiles.

Used in a wide variety of applications including access panels, electronic enclosure perimeter seals, optical filter conductive bus terminations, and card cage grounding contacts. Virtually any soft closure force application that does not require environmental sealing, or abrasive shearing during closure.

The bottom surface is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) strip with release line for ease of installation.

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