Medical Foam & Rubber

Medical Foam & Rubber

Medical Foam and Rubber are manufactured and designed for the custom fabrication of parts and devices for a range of applications.  As one of the leading medical material fabricators, Fralock has access to an array of closed and open-cell foams suitable for a variety of medical applications.

Our knowledge of materials, design expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with our customers to design and develop custom innovative solutions for medical applications.

We work with our customers to design foams for a wide variety of medical applications, including wound care, surgical aids, and device components. Our foam and engineered composites using films and other foams provide oxygen permeability, bacterial barriers, and fluid management, while minimizing surrounding skin maceration and irritation.

Fralock offers: Medical Silicone foam and rubber, pressure sensitive tapes, PTFE impregnated glass cloth, skived PTFE and Phase –Change thermal management materials, as well as Poron cellular urethane foam: Bisco silicone foam, rubbers and T-Cell polyethylene foam.

Some of our Medical materials:

Closed Cell
Micro Cellular
Open Cell

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medical foam
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