Medical Thermally Conductive Materials

Thermal Interface Material



Thermally conductive materials and thermal management systems are designed
to remove the heat generated by an electronic devices (such as a power transistor
or microprocessors) to the ambient environment in order to ensure the reliable
operation of the system.

Fralock provides product solutions to control and manage heat in electronic assemblies
and printed flex circuit boards. Fralock converts interface materials with greater conformability, higher thermal performance and easier application.
Gap Pad provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic
devices where uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures are
present. Eliminating air gaps, to reduce thermal resistance and high conformability, to reduce interfacial resistance, are essential in your thermal management product.

Our constant goal is to supply quality products on time…every time. Innovation and
product development is the differentiator; at Fralock, we apply FTK™ (Fralock Technical
Knowledge) to help our customers develop, design and manufacture solutions to their most
complex thermal interface material challenges. Our expertise is grounded in over 50 years
of serving a multitude of industries and continually has proven beneficial to all of our
customers. Whether it is a high volume production requirement or immediate
rapid prototype manufacturing need… Fralock will exceed your expectations!

Fralock is partnered with the leading raw material manufacturers of TIM products. With our state of the art facility, Fralock converts a wide variety of TIM products including:

      • Gap Fillers
      • Gap Pads
      • Phase Change
      • Putty
      • Coated Films and Foils Gap Fillers
      • Grease
      • Silicone Coated Fabrics
      • Thermally Conductive tapes
      • Thermal Interface Materials

Fralock’s dedication to continuous improvement throughout the years has
expanded our custom manufacturing capabilities. Fralock has continually provided
precision components, to spec., on time, we have grown to be one of the most trusted
and respected converters of thermally conductive materials products in the industry.


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