Medical 3M Thermally Conductive Tapes


3M Thermally Conductive Tapes

3M Thermally Conductive tapes are 3M’s highest mechanical strength  conductive tapes, featuring excellent adhesion properties, improved surface wetout, and excellent shock performance.  Available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 mil thicknesses.


  • Tapes bond with light pressure and have immediate tack
  • Avoid the mess, hassle, and cost of greases and clips
  • Eliminate long cure times and fixturing of liquid adhesives
  • Can be die-cut and pre-applied to one surface for later bonding


  • High mechanical strength for securely attaching heat sinks and heat spreaders
  • Elastomeric properties of adhesive provide excellent shock performance
  • High dielectric strength provides electrical insulation
  • Tape provides high degree of thickness control


  • Improved surface wet out lowers thermal impedance
  • Pure adhesive film construction means no carrier to hinder gap filling
  • No carrier also means fewer material interfaces, a leading cause of poor thermal performance

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 3M thermally conductive


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