Flex Circuits Overview

Flex Circuits Overview

Fralock, industrial manufacturing company, offers Flexible Circuit capabilities provide engineering advantages in the development of today’s complex product and system designs. The benefits of flexible circuits are realized in most applications requiring high volume flexing and/or a high degree of accuracy. Fralock’s Flex Circuit are designed to integrate the circuit into a compact, thin, and lightweight component. If your application is a flex-to-fit or flex-to-install, a static application is ideal. However, when your application is repeatedly flexed during it life span your design will require a dynamic flexing application. All of our Flex Circuits are designed to save space and improve the systems overall performance.Utilizing our advanced engineering expertise, material knowledge and adhesiveless technology, we extend our customers engineering departments. Our experience in product development and design enables Fralock to create the perfect flexible circuits into new or existing application that results in improvements in both design, performance and cost.


  • Single layer flex circuit, double sided flex circuits, multi-layer flex circuits, and rigid-flex circuit constructions available
  • Multi-Layer Circuits with heaters allow for high density packaging using complex point -to-point wiring. We can integrate systems requiring multiple interconnections into one unit reducing assembly time.
  • Custom engineered configurations and assemblies for the end product or system application.


  • Aircraft electronic device protection in cold environment
  • Antennas
  • Cockpit instrumentation to maintain uniform and stabile operating temperature in variable operating environments
  • Electronics operating within a cold or moist environment to maintain temperature and moisture control
  • Guidance systems to ensure stabile operating temperature performance
  • Medical Equipment
  • Satellites

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