Flat Cables

Flexible Flat Cables

Fralock’s Flexible Flat Cables are reliable and durable. Our flat flexible cables are immune to shock, vibration, and thermal extremes as experienced in harsh environments—even deep space. The ultra-thin, lightweight construction and extreme flexibility provide excellent solutions in compact devices where there is limited space and weight requirements are critical. Fralock specializes in custom manufacturing. Our Flat Flexible cables can be designed to maintain flexibility at temperature extremes from -200°C to +220°C and can contain almost any combination of conductors, lengths and widths.

Flat Flexible Cable Features and Benefits

  • Durometer rating: 65
  • Perform at Polyimide working temperature: -200°C to +220°C, they are used at high or low temperatures where other organic polymeric material would not be suitable.
  • Vacuum conditions – meets NASA outgassing Specifications
  • Solvent resistant to all know organic solvents
  • Radiation resistant
  • Greater flex life in excess of 20 million cycles at 50mm bend radius
  • Flame resistant, UL–94 flammability rating: V0
  • Cables can be stacked thus further reducing the footprint


  • In-Flight Space
  • Military Aircraft and Equipment
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Microwave/RF
  • Cleanrooms
  • Electronics






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