Flex Heater Overview

Flexible Heater Overview

Fralock’s All Polyimide Adhesiveless flexible heaters are the ideal heating solutions for applications requiring temperature stability and uniformity, and dimensional stability. They are ideal for use in a wide range of applications where heat is required in a specific location, and precise thermal cycling is critical. Our All Polyimide Adhesiveless flexible heaters Abrasion resistant, chemically inert offer excellent Dielectric Strength and a Glass transition temperature (Tg) of ~220°C (392°F).  Low CTE, 30 ppm in-plane at temperatures below -269°C and meets NASA outgassing spec, flammability requirements of UL94V-0 (UL file #E39505) and is inherently Halogen free while offering mechanical properties at extreme temperatures, from cryogenic -269°C (-516°F) to as high as 220°C (428°F) for short duration.  Polyimide heaters are thin and light weight with excellent dielectric strength.  Polyimide heaters are preferred for applications where space, weight, and low out gassing limitations exist.  Fralock designs all polyimide heaters with uniformly distributed wattage, eliminating the need for edge loss compensation.


  • Medical analytical devices
  • Medical drug and fluid delivery systems
  • Medical ventilation equipment
  • Electronic display warming systems
  • Satellite electronics
  • Military guidance systems


  • Thermal stability over a wide temperature range
  • Various mounting configurations to meet specific application requirements
  • Low material out gassing
  • Lightweight construction is ideal for weight sensitive applications
  • Variety of geometries available Standard heater offering: square, rectangular, circular Custom heaters; geometries specific to application requirements
  • Low profile thin construction
  • High dielectric strength
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Multiple temperature zones on single a heater available
  • ROHS Compliant construction

Flex Heater

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