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All Polyimide Flexible Heaters and Circuits

Fralock’s All Polyimide Flexible Heaters and Flex Circuits provide a thin, lightweight –Polyimide film which provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability.  Our all polyimide heaters and circuits are designed to meet our customers exact application needs while meeting the stringent requirements of precise thermal control and reliability that you require.  All Polyimide Flexible Heaters and Circuits provide a superior thermal response time, a wide temperature range, -269°C to +220°C, the highest power watt density to 200W/in2, with the longest life cycle in typical operating conditions.  Combining these design accomplishments with our proprietary adhesiveless polyimide multi-layer technology, we produce flexible heaters and flex circuits that surpass historical limitations of the traditional construction.Fralock can design and fabricate your flexible heaters and flex circuits to a multitude of shapes and sizes. Our heaters and circuits provide environmental stability in harsh environment, thermal cycling in deep space vacuum environment offering efficient thermal conductance through their existing exchange plates, solvent resistance to all known organic solvents and unsurpassed radiation resistance for products of this type.Polyimide heaters and flex circuits are preferred for applications where space, weight, and low out gassing limitations exist.


  • Satellite/Aircraft/Avionics Electronics, Instrumentation and Devices, protection from cold
  • Electronics, Flat Panel Displays, Computers
  • Medical Analytical Instruments, Diagnostic, DNA testing, Tissue Processors, Chromatographs
  • Medical Devices, Life Support, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Dialysis
  • Power systems and motors
  • Satellites/Extreme Space Vacuum conditions, detect potential deep space environment related failures where thermal control and outgassing is a high reliability issue.
  • Semiconductor, Wafer Processing, E-Chucks, and Heaters


  • Excellent thickness ranges
  • Optional temperature range, -269°C to +220°C
  • Single and Multi-layers
  • Highest power watt density to 200W/in2
  • Dielectric Strength of 3500V/mil
  • Thermal Cycling tested to -186°C to 220°C
  • Tensile Strength, MPa (kpsi) >345 (>50) method 2.4.19
  • Elongation, %, >50, method 2.4.19
  • Space qualified, meets NASA outgassing spec
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) of ~220°C (428°F)
  • UL94V-0 (UL file #E39505) and is inherently Halogen free

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