Electro-Static Chucks (E-chucks)

One of the core semiconductor devices is the Electro-Static Chucks (E-Chucks). It has been widely used in plasma-based and vacuum-based semiconductor processing. The electrostatic chuck plays an important role in adsorbing and cooling/heating wafers, and has technical advantages on non-edge exclusion, high reliability, wafer planarity, and particles reduction.

Fralock’s all-polyimide laminate technology is also used to manufacture replaceable/reusable Electro-Static Chucks (E-Chucks).  Electrostatic chucks with accurate thermal control can increase processing rates in microfabrication processes and improve yields.

Fralock’s layered heaters provide the precision and flexibility needed to ensure the highest level of thermal performance in wafer processing applications.

They are designed with distributed power circuitry and can accommodate multiple zones and multiple layers. Fralock has a wide range of integration capabilities that are compatible with various metal and ceramic substrates depending on the application needs.

Our technology is capable of creating very thin substrates (<8 mil) which are bonded directly to the surface of Aluminum platens without the use of adhesives, and therefore has greater performance capabilities than rival solutions. When needed, Fralock’s E-chucks can be replaced and refurbished to extend the life of the platen, providing a cost-effective, yet technologically driven solution.

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