KAPTON® General Properties Data

DuPontTM KAPTON® General Properties Data

General Specifications


DuPont High Performance Materials manufactures and sells a variety of high-quality plastic film products in conformance with IS0 9002 certification.

These specifications describe the values and tolerances for KAPTON®? film properties. Where necessary for thorough understanding, test methods and procedures have been included.

Any aspects of the specifications that require further interpretation or clarification should be discussed with representatives of DuPont High Performance Materials.

Types of DuPontTM KAPTON®  Polyimide Film

DuPont makes several types of KAPTON® film.Types HN, FN, and VN are used most commonly.

Types H, F, and V are alternative, special versions of these standard types. The specifications in this bulletin apply to them as well. In addition to these three types of KAPTON®, films are available with the following attributes:

Data for these films are covered in separate product bulletins, which can be obtained from your DuPont KAPTON® representative.

Type HN Film

KAPTON® Type HN is a tough, aromatic polyimide laminate, exhibiting an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range, particularly at unusually high temperatures. Chemically, its polyimide polymer makeup is the result of a polycondensation reaction between pyromellitic dianhydride and 4,4′ diaminodiphenyl ether. KAPTON® HN is available in the following gauges: 30 (7.5mm), 50 (12.7mm), 100(25.4mm), 200(50.8 mm), 300(76.2 mm), and 500 (127mm). Other gauges, such as 75 (19.1mm) and 400 (102mm), are available by special request.

Type FN Film

KAPTON® Type FN film is a heat sealable grade that retains the unique balance of properties of KAPTON® Type HN over a wide temperature range. This is achieved by combining Type HN with DuPont Teflon® FEP fluorocarbon resin in a composite structure. Table 1 lists the common types of FN film available. Other combinations are available.

Consult your DuPont KAPTON® marketing representative for further information.

KAPTON® General Properties Data