All Polyimide Heaters

All Polyimide Heaters

Fralock’s Semiconductor All-Polyimide heaters, Adhesiveless Heater Technologies, are unsurpassed in the industry.

Instead of the thick film ceramic or rigid cartridge / tube resistance heaters, Fralock’s Semiconductor All-Polyimide heaters allow for many, independently controlled, zones of heater traces across the entire wafer surface. Independently controlled zones allow for unparalleled thermal consistency across the surface, maximizing the output of each wafer in production. Better thermal control allows fewer surface defects on the wafer, therefore yielding greater wafer throughput .

Multi-zone heaters that use adhesives to bond trace elements to its insulation material render them fragile, vulnerable to high heat, and prone to gas pockets that may lead to cracking, further delamination, and failure. Designs manufactured with commonly used adhesives such as PTFE may also be prone to failure due to circuit “swimming” with traces moving too close to each other at high temperatures and creating a short circuit or “hot spot”. By contrast, our All-Polyimide Heaters can be folded, wrapped, or even crumpled without affecting performance. Fralock’s Adhesiveless Laminate Technology multi-zone heaters are more efficient, thinner, lighter, and far more durable than any comparable product on the market and offer many options, including thermal barriers, and thermal conductive layers within our All-Polyimide assemblies.  They can also tolerate temperatures from -269 to 220 degrees Celsius (-452 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fralock’s All-Polyimide Heaters are more efficient, thinner, lighter and far more durable than any comparable product on the market, and the semiconductor industry — which cares even more about those qualities than most — has taken notice.

We offer many options, including thermal barriers and thermal conductive layers within our All Polyimide assemblies.   This adds up to better thermal transfer and more control over the entire assembly. Operating capability from -269°C to + 220°C gives you more latitude in all your processes. (Higher temperatures are possible depending on application)  All this without the use of any adhesive of any type.

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Semiconductor all-polyimide heaters

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