MK RC Industrial

Fralock’s extensive understanding of the capabilities of our All Polyimide and custom clad materials make us an industry leader in providing you with the precise material and part to meet your specific application. Our all polyimide and custom clad materials are utilized in many industrial applications. Polyimides and clad polyimides are widely used in, electronic displays, laboratory equipment, test equipment, and the semiconductor industry to name a few.

These kinds of applications require greater design freedom and fewer limitations. Fralock can reduce space, weight and offering streamline designs to meet customer expectations.

Our in house manufacturing capabilitiesinclude a broad variety of processes including rotary, flatbed & class-A die-cutting; conventional & adhesiveless lamination; custom composite materials; contract & sub-assembly; and laser cutting services.

Fralock’s next generation technology assures you will achieve your application goals.

Highlighted Applications:

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