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CNC Milling

Fralock provides custom CNC cutting service that includes CNC milling, drilling, and routing. Our in house capabilities allow us to hold critical tolerances on flatness, true hole position and parallelism.

Whether it’s a prototype or large quantities, we can insure no warping or bowing of your parts.  We can offer quick turn-around and tight tolerances, with production like quality. Let Fralock, custom manufacturing, accommodate all of your CNC milling needs.

CNC machines offer many benefits over manual machines of the same type.  Since the machines are using complicated programs, many parts that were not previously possible are now being created.  You can often do this right at a CNC control and run the program immediately.  These machines save time and money, resulting in cost saving due to lower amounts of waste from mistakes.

All-polyimide flexible composites such as DuPontTM Cirlex® are used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry, especially where high-temperature processing is required.  Cirlex® is dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures, provides clean & contaminant-free surfaces, and is not affected by harsh chemicals, strong acids, or solvents.  All-polyimide Cirlex® materials continue to replace metal parts for wafer handling, bearing surfaces, processing vessels, parts carriers, and IC test equipment sockets & handlers.

Because there are so many different types available, composite materials are ideal for use in electronic applications.  Composites can withstand high voltages and high temperatures without degradation.  The insulating properties of Cirlex® are well known, but some materials are available which are surface- or volume-conductive.  Composite materials combine properties to make ideal components with mechanical strength, high dielectric constants, and other important characteristics.

Fralock offers automated CNC milling of Cirlex®.


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