Semiconductor AccuPlace 3065

AccuPlace 3065

AccuPlace Model 3065  will help you:

  • Easily integrate with existing automatic or semi automatic processes
  • Boost production yields on even the tightest tolerance—as tight as ±0.002″
  • Cut setup and changeover time
  • Reduce maintenance and labor costs
  • Increase throughput while reducing waste
  • Significantly improve product quality

AccuPlace 3065 Film Adhesive and Label Applicator makes it easier for you to handle high precision adhesive electronics subcomponents with a capacity of 3.0” x 6.5” (7.6 cm x 16.5 cm) down to micro labels easily and accurately, including low level adhesion and optically clear components, foam components, bubble-free protective film, multiple subcomponent shapes and contours, and much more.

From clean room environments to fully automated production, the AccuPlace
3065 is ideal for your diverse customer requirements.

The AccuPlace Model 3065 Macro-to-Micro label machine can be configured to run in your choice of semi-automatic, continuous or in robot mode (film adhesive feeding systems) giving you the greatest flexibility. And with more than 15 optional accessories, you can transform the AccuPlace Model 3065 to maximize your capabilities for speed, capacity and complexity.

Our patented peeling technology lets you peel and apply even the most difficult labels and components with accuracy and precision. And our robust design makes operation easier for operators of all skill levels.

The AccuPlace model 3065 is designed to assemble virtually any self-adhesive component within its 3.0” x 6.5” / 7.6 cm x 16.5 cm capacity. The machine has a compact foot print and offers a wide range of features, options and software parameters. This allows optimal adaptation to your specific requirements. Various placement actuator options allow practically any kind of part placement. The model 3065 is the most capable and accurate machine of its kind!

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AccuPlace Model 3065

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