Clad Laminates

Copper Clad Board

Fralock’s adhesiveless all polyimide laminated can be copper clad, as well as clad with foils, inconel, and stainless steel, using high performance DuPontTM Cirlex® composite dielectrics. Copper clad boards are available in a wide variety of metals, thicknesses and construction options.

Highly innovative, Cirlexlaminates incorporate adhesiveless bonding technology – a unique offering in the marketplace today – to ensure high-performance.? Rather than use an adhesive interface, Cirlex relies on polyimide laminate bonding with bond strengths typically > 10 pli.

These laminates provide lightweight, both thin and thick, and highly reliable substrates featuring superior circuit trace adhesion strength, lower dielectric constants (Dk) and dissipation factors (Df )properties, extreme environmental stability, and greater design latitude for high frequency and impedance controlled applications.

Fralock’s copper clad material delivers performance and value for all your demanding clad material applications including copper clad board and copper clad circuit board solutions. ? ? A versatile, cost-effective product lends itself to applications in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Clad Materials

All Polyimide Solutions Include:

All polyimide double sided copper clad laminate that has excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical properties ideal for use in high reliability flex and multilayer flex circuitry.

All polyimide single sided copper clad laminate ideal for applications that require thin, light and high-density circuitry.







•Portable commercial products, i.e. computers, cell phones