Fralock is recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom clad all polyimide laminates. Fralock has the unique ability to produce adhesiveless, all-polyimide laminates and can custom clad them with copper, inconel, stainless steel or the foil of your choice. Our clad all-polyimide laminates are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and constructions to suite your specifications.

Early collaboration is essential when designing parts made with all-polyimide laminates. Fralock’s engineers work with your team to help design a part that combines manufacturability, with a cost-effective approach; ultimately shortening the design cycle, validation and product realization periods.

All-Polyimide laminates are best realized with an In-house approach. Fralock has vertical manufacturing capabilities allowing us to support our customer’s prototype manufacturing, validation and commercialization of their programs.

Our in-house manufacturing services include: UV and Co2 Laser cutting/etching, rotary and flat-bed die-cutting, specialty lamination and CNC machining services to name a few. Of course, all manufacturing is conducted within our proven quality system (AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485).

Clad All Polyimide Laminates Solutions

All polyimide double-sided copper clad laminates, that have excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical properties; ideal for use in high reliability single and multi-layer flex circuitry.

All polyimide single-sided copper clad laminates, ideal for applications that require thin, light and high-density circuitry.


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