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3M EMI Absorbers

New Absorbing Solutions from 3M

New EMI absorber products from 3M offer new ways to control EMI and RFI. 3M™ EMI/RFI Absorber and Shielding Tape AB6005 series combines EMI absorbing and shielding in a single tape product. It virtually eliminates build-up construction typical for the same results. The EMI Absorber AB7000 series protects against EMI and RFI in the 50MHz to 10GHz range. It helps reduce noise and crosstalk in compact electronics and also is available in a low halogen version.

* Learn more about? Tape AB6005 and Absorber AB7000.

3M™ EMI Absorbers are designed to absorb electromagnetic/radio frequency interference in the broadband range. These thin, flexible sheets backed with adhesive come in different constructions designed for a broad variety of electronic devices and assemblies. Some also provide EMI/RFI shielding.

3M™ EMI/EMC Solutions Brochure PDF 2.3 MB

3M™ AB7000 Series EMI Absorber Data Sheet – Data Sheet PDF 61.9 K

3M™ AB7000HF Series EMI Absorber Data Sheet – Data Sheet PDF 62.3 K

3M™ Electromagnetic Compatible Products Prod Selection Guide – Bulletin PDF 783.6 K

3M™ EMI Absorber AB-5000 Data Sheet – Data Sheet PDF 194.5 K

3M™ EMI Absorber AB-5000S Data Sheet – Data Sheet PDF 125.0 K

3M™ EMI Absorber AB6005 Data Sheet – Data Sheet PDF 82.6 K

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